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Writer's Block: My Secret Identity

Describe your different personas.
1. At work I seem to be the person people come to, I know my way round the computer systems and procedures and come across as generally in control and together. But I'm still a bit of a trouble maker, wanting answers and not shutting up till I get them.
2. Also at work I'm an upbeat sales person, always up for a challenge, always willing to have a go.
3. At Larp I'm a costumer, the person who can find some spare kit and since I got energy back I'm probably irritatingly bouncy.
4. In a crisis I'm the one who goes very, very calm. And then crashes after when she gets some time.
5. When I'm angry I'm a holy terror, I don't tend to go in for screaming matches, more icy fury.
6. When we have guests I'm a pretty good hostess, bouncy and bubbly.
7. When I'm down I just want to crawl into a cave and stay there.

I'm passionate, terrified, energetic and unsure; lonely & loved, free spirited yet begging for approval; I look at myself and see a stranger and am afraid to get to know her at times. I am the earth and the fire; the wind and the rain, I am the turning seasons and the night and day. I'm idealistic yet pessimistic, I'm an artist, an organiser, a Priestess and a fool.

I am ME.