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It's going to be a busy few days

The totally insane Andrew is driving up today when he gets off a night shift so we can spend the next few days fitting the kitchen. (For those of you who don't know the story Chris and I ripped out the old kitchen about three and a half years ago, the new one was delivered and within a couple of weeks chris slipped on the stairs and hurt his knee, three years of surgery and medical incompetance later his knee is pretty bad so he and I doing the kitchen is no really an option.) 

Andrew <may the Gods Bless him> volunteered for this, I was off work last month and he and Hob were up for my birthday, we were chatting and I said I was going to try and get some of it done and he said he'd come up. now Andrew is fit, strong, an engineer and has fitted a couple of kitchens before...

I just love this guy, mind you I also love his partner Hob and all the other friends who've helped me and chris out over different things. 

I suspect I may not be posting for a few days as work and sleep are likely to be the primary thing going on.