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The return from the Battle of Hanover

Had a  grest weekend, got back at a pretty sensible time last night  and slept for about 12 hours.

Hob, Zara, Fi and Ian worked their socks off and the food was great, huge piles of meat were just what the Vipers needed since we were all working hard.

Rayenne survived, Darius survived, sebastion survived and so did Griss. In fact there were very few character deaths and only one that was unplanned/unwanted.

Our newly confirmed command team worked hard and delivered an action packed weekend.

I ache all over...but this is the first time in a good few years I've  Larped hard and fast so I probably don't feel as bad as I shoul.

I got to go on two of the three main adventures and was kept pretty busy on the healing front.

The coffee machine was kept pretty busy as well, there were issues with the gas supply for the kitchen so was coffeeing large numbers.

Phil and  Ade have decided they want more embroidery so I'll be kept busy on that.

Now I need to go make breakfast and coffee and then sort through all the kit and stow it for the winter.