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An aerobatic flight of confusion

getting through the day - one idiot at a time

I'm a pagan. I have a sick sense of humour. I'm dairy intolerant and seem to have a cows milk protein allergy to boot so can't even eat tiny amounts of cows milk. I'm a coffee addict and a coffee snob. I've been LARPing for well over a decade and costuming even longer than that.

I know how to cut down trees, dress a deer carcase (there is even video evidence of this) and find a lot of edible plants.

I got married on Midsummers day but it's not worked out. Being married almost destroyed our friendship so we're gonna change that.

I probably worry too much but although I'm proved right to worry I'm working on not letting it damage now.

If you look on my journal you'll find I post a random and sporadic selection of tat, insights and inspiration and a couple of things as totally open posts that are incredibly personal but that I decided I never wanted to keep hidden again.

I've lost the odd friend along the way but found many more who value, and love, me for who I am.

Almost a year ago I told a very dear friend I was afraid that finding me would mean losing too many more people I cared about and trusted - his response was that if they didn't want to share that journey they were not worth my trust and love. I still doubt that on occasion but am so blessed by the vast majority of my friends who not only stick around but encourage me to carry on along the road.

*Last edited July 2010


Since I first wrote the above I've found parts of me that I never knew existed, parts of me I thought so long buried they may as well have never been and parts of me that occasionally scare the crap out of me. But I'm a far happier person for it all.

I've found answers to questions I never thought to have the courage to ask and I've found some of those answers in places I would never have looked a year ago.


So this is me,
no apologies,
no longer in the shadows of my mind.

Daughter of Ishtar,
warrior, healer,
protector and priestess.

I stand with staunch allies,
alone if needs be,
but stand I will.

Strength of Earth beneath me,
Flowing Water before me,
Breathing Air about me
and Burning Fire above.

This is who I am, if that is not to peoples taste, that is their issue not mine.


I'm passionate, terrified, energetic and unsure; lonely & loved, free spirited yet begging for approval; I look at myself and see a stranger and am afraid to get to know her at times. I am the earth and the fire; the wind and the rain, I am the turning seasons and the night and day. I'm idealistic yet pessimistic, I'm an artist, an organiser, a Priestess and a fool.

I am ME.


Amazon wish list for anyone wanting to get a good idea of just how eclectic my interests are http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/19RFLUC09NZDX/ref=cm_wl_search_1



Stolen from dierne 'cos they is too cute.</lj>


And another little bit of cute...

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